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I have a secret to tell, from my electrical well Sep. 1st, 2004 @ 11:44 pm
*sings* "I'm your only friend, I'm not your only friend, but I'm a little glowing friend, but really I'm not actually your friend, but I am"

blarg I can hardly see outa my left eye. Stupid surgery. Gettin a bit of a black eye too and can't completely open it. But I spose it'll go away soon.
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With a Keen Eye for Detail, One Truth Previals! Aug. 27th, 2004 @ 02:10 am
Arg! That's it! I'm buying Detective Conan on DVD! I can't take it any longer! The episode tonight was too good. Rachel (err... Ran...) starts to suspect Conan is Jimmy cause he's doin all the Jimmy did and would talk and act like him. And then this doctor guy comes and he's like "I've been getting money and gifts at my door once a month for 2 years now and I don't know who they're from!" and Conan's like "well mister, can I go and see your office? And Rachels like "DUDE he's just like Kudo". So they go over and she keeps thinkin about it and havin these flashbacks of how she had told Conan some... things about Jimmy... like everything heh. So she's freaking out. So they go to see the medical records of people in the past 3 years (the time the doc had worked there) and they don't see anything... oh! And there was a date... like June 19th or somethin and on that date he got these wierd flowers of some kind. So they look through and don't see anything important, so they ignore it and go on to see some painting and Conans lookin all cute and playful and is just like "can I stay here for a while?" and Rachel says ok but then opens the door up a tiny bit after she leaves. And there's Conan acting just like Jimmy flipping through the books. Now this is all leadin up to the big part! --

Ok so here's the big part. He's flippin through the books and she comes in and is like "did you find something?" and he's like "no..." and he hops off the chair and walkers over while talkin about the case and how it doesn't make any sence and then he's lookin at all the toys the doctor was secnt and she's like "you sure are a good detective..." and he's like not payin much attention and then she's like "it's just that... you're so smart... JIMMY" and he turns around and is like "hehe thanks" and then it just sorta hits him like a brick. The backround goes black, and his eyes get all small and you can just tell he's freaked out. Cut to a commercial, get back, she's like "HA! I KNEW IT WAS YOU JIMMY!" and then he's like nonono! I'm... I'm CONAN! and she keeps sayin he's Jimmy and he jumps over to the toys and pulls out a "gameman" and starts playin and gets the highscore and is like "hey Rachel wanna play?" and she gets all pissed and is like "YOU KNOW I DON"T LIKE VIDEO GAMES!". And then he looks at the game and the highscore list has the name... what was it... Tommy Oswald or somethin and he's like "most kids would put their name or the name of a character or something they liked.... but where have I seen this name before" and then it just comes to him and he jumps over to the med books and flips to the early pages and there's the Oswald kid. And he had died on June 19th and his dad got all pissed. And then Conan realized that the toys were the dead kid's toys that the dad was sending along with his grief. And no that he's figured it all out, he's just like "RACHEL GET THE DOCTOR IN HERE QUICKLY!" and course she does cause she knows he's Jimmy and he tells im that his son is gunna get kidnapped (had to do with a note earlier on) and they call the son's school and he's gotten picked up by his "father" (he's only 5 by the way) and they go and find the Oswald kids dad in the prak with a knife about to kill the doc's son. And then Conan goes and kicks a soccer ball at the guy (he's a soccer freak) and it hits his hand knocking the knife outa it. And they go and save the son and it's all good.

Then in the end Conan gets back to the house and Detective Moore is gone and he's like "where's your dad" and rachel says he'd gone out so he gets on the couch and is like half asleep and then Rachel says somethin about her PE coach and Conan's like "he always did seem like a gorrila" or somethin like that and she goes and LOCKS THE DOOR and then is like HOW THE HELL'D YOU KNOW THAT, JIIIIIMMMMMYYYYY and he of course is freaking out now. She's gettin all pissed off and stuff... but then Dr. Igasa (Conan's freind from back when he was 18) calls usin the voice thingy and says he's Jimmy Kudo. So in the end nothing big happens.

Now I've heard that there's an episode where Rachel finds a picture of Jimmy as a kid and in that episode she does figure it out and actually knows. And with all the hints like on the train where he's about to tell her and in that episode and in the No Immunity for the Diplomat episodes and stuff... she's gotta of figured it out. GOD THAT SERIES IS GOOD! In a... dorky sorta stupid way... but it's epic! EPIC!
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BWAR Aug. 25th, 2004 @ 12:26 pm
School's startin up again! Gotta get ready!
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DYNAMIC ENTRY! Aug. 21st, 2004 @ 10:01 pm

Sucks! >.< Heads too big and forgot to do the shading and shine on the thingies on the hat. Made this guy a day or two ago... he's spose ta be all wierd and sorta someone fuzzy/furry cept got lazy while doin the oekaki and didn't put it in. Prolly still the best one I've done though... only cause all the others sucked... err... so does this one but not so much.

Anyways, been playin lots a ninja taisen lately. Finally got orochimaru to become buyable at the shop but he costs 50k... gunna take quite a while ta get that cash though. But it'd be worth it... he's really good. And then sharingan Sasuke (even though sasuke sucks). Then ta get the new levels!

Started on ma second summer readin book today - INSANELY GREAT! er... that's the name... but it is good. It's about the creaion of the Mac and everything. Pretty good so far. And not too long too. Got... let's see... about 10 or 11 days to finish it and write the notes and stuff. Prolly shouldn't take too long.
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That thing's full of NINTENUENDO! Aug. 15th, 2004 @ 12:43 am
Ahhhhh Tokyo Godfatheres is such a good movie. The animation is so nice ;_; and the music! If only I had some cash... then I could buy the soundtrack! If it exists... but it's gotta cause it's such a good movie. Wonder what the dub on it is like. And the little baby's mom! She looks like Orochimaru! And in the end! Well... I won't say! It's a surprise... but it's so cooooool! I gots ta add it to ma list of movies I'll have to show to everyone... right up with the Bebop Movie and stuff like that.
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Prolly shoulda read some morea my book today... gotta finish it in like a week. But instead I got 2 drawins done today. Well... one... but I drew it, scanned and colored it, and then was like "this might look good INKED!" so I inked it and scanned it in again to color it... again. But then I had 2 almost the same pictures and only wanted to put 1 on deviantart. I had a problem. So after some very difficult inspection by the judges... err... judge... it was decided that the inked one looked better, thus it was put on devart. But then the other one didn't get put up anywhere... but it did look kinda cool. So I'll link to it here
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Anyways, [Adultswim] is awsome. Can't believe they're cancelling Aqua Teen Hunger Force though.... that show's so good! Could be fake though... like that other time.... I think. Wasn't watchen then though... only heard about it. But at least they're not really cancelling harvy birdman. And now they got venture bros too! Can't wait for FMA to get on there with Stand Alone Complex. And I heard they're playin the Inuyasha movie too... gotta see that. Funimation better get Naruto. Cause now it's between 4 Kidz and funimation. And funimation really isn't all that bad. Sure the voice actors they get aren't the best but they don't edit the hell outa it like 4 Kidz. God they messed up Onepiece so much! At least they kept the same theme... just made it in english. But anyways, if funimation gets Naruto it'd be able to go on [AS]. It could replace like... trigun or bebop. I mean they're both great cept they've been playin em for a while and gone through em all at least 5 or 6 times by now. Or Wolf's Rain! Naruto's prolly better than that. But it really seems like something they'd play.... and with all the sexy no jutsu it couldn't just go on toonami or that other thingy.,.. miguzi I think it's called. Plus with all the fightin.. OOOOO I wonder what Lee'll sound like.....
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